Saturday, August 18, 2012

My life and times as a disappointing music therapist

The session that wasn't:

Walking to the session. Pausing to pull me toward somebody's car and tapping on the trunk:
"Um, no. We can not go in somebody's car. Please don't tap at it, or you'll set off an alarm and that would probably not be a good thing." 

Slowing down and sitting on a bench:
"Yes, I see that you don't want to go to do your session today, and you'd rather we sit outside on a bench."

Still on the bench:
"Yes, I realize I'm frustrating you, but music therapy is what I can offer. I can not take you for a ride, or for an escape, in someone else's car or in my car. I can, however, be your music therapist, and you can come to your session, and we can talk about it in the music."

In front of the Music Room door, but not going in:
"So, okay. You're not going to go into the Music Room."

Pushing past me and heading for the exit:
"I guess you're telling me we're not going to be doing music therapy today, and you'd rather go back to the cottage. Okay then. I'll try again on Wednesday." 

Heavy sigh. 
An unhappy face!