Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reflecting on feelings of powerlessness (a video blog)

I didn't say it specifically in the video, but I think my whole countertransference reaction was very much about feeling a sense of powerlessness - my own ("I can't fix it for you, and I hate that.") as well as what I believe was my client's experience ("I feel abandoned and forgotten and unable to change my life."). 


Tamara G. Suttle, M.Ed., LPC said...

Roia! The new format on your blog looks great! I know I know . . . you've had it up for a while but I've been remiss in not getting back here sooner.

I love your courage! It's so hard for so many of us to recognize - much less publicly explore - our counter-transference with clients. Thank you, again, for stating the unspeakable and nudging us forward in cleaning up our own stuff. You set the bar higher for all of us in mental health.

Blessings to you on your journey! (I'm crazy cramming for another 2-3 weeks. By April, I should be back online more regularly and will reconnect then.)

Roia said...

Thanks so much for your encouraging words, Tamara. And here I've gone and changed the format again (I have to admit I prefer something a bit more static).

I'm not sure whether I'm courageous to be sharing all this in a blog or simply want to gather allies and know that others struggle with these issues as clinicians (and people!) as well, but I certainly appreciate your thinking of it that way.

So glad you're carrying on the anti-shaming torch of discussing taboos!