Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wow! It was an honor just to be nominated!

Top Resource for CounselorsA few weeks ago, a kind woman by the name of Rebecca from the Masters in Counseling website, sent me a note to tell me my blog had been nominated as one of 100 Best Resources for Counselors. Who knew?

And then, a short while later, she sent me a congratulatory note. How neat! And I'm in such fine company to boot. Thanks, Rebecca, and thanks to the kind folks who nominated me, and, mostly, thanks to you, you lovely readers you! I very much appreciate (and am humbled by) your willingness to slog through my commentary and carryings on about my music therapy experiences.

As it happens, a few other favorite bloggers are also on this list, so check them all out at some point.


John said...

Congratulations. You deserve the nomination. You are a blogger and now my inspiration. I wish you all the best. Keep sharing!

Roia Rafieyan said...

Thanks so much, John! Be well.