Friday, September 14, 2007

Egos on parade

I had to chuckle today at work.  I was sitting outside with one of my clients.  This particular gentleman tends to be...let’s say...unexpectedly rough at times, so when he lets me know  he needs to leave (usually he’ll leap up and say “go baah”- meaning “go back”) I know to pay attention and do as he asks.  

Well, it happened that today one of the psychology staff was sitting outside nearby making a phone call.  He kept an eye on us as we walked out to our usual bench.  Meanwhile, my client was super-focused on the guitar today, watching me play through the entire first song.  He seems to prefer a strong strumming pattern to start and then we can move into plucking.  

At any rate, when the psychology staff person was ready to go, he looked over and grinned, and he asked, “Is that the best he’s ever been for you?”  I thought it was an odd question, but I said, “well, R usually enjoys music” (not wanting to be having a conversation about the man while he was sitting there as if he wasn’t listening).  Psychology man continued smiling, noting “I thought maybe he’d behave a bit better knowing I’m sitting nearby.” 

Now, first of all, yikes!  I’m not sure what that whole “big brother is watching, so you’d better behave” thing is all about.  Second, I finally realized that this psychology person believed that my client was having a particularly good day in music because he was hovering nearby.  The sort of silly thing was that I had been thinking, “Oh, I’m glad this guy from psychology is here to see how well R responds to music.” 

I suppose it’s a toss-up as to whose ego is the bigger in this case.    At any rate, I realized both of us were being asses, and this was really not about either one of us but about R- who really was having a peaceful day today.  Hooray for him.

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