Monday, September 24, 2007

"I got no doors..."

“...and you got no keys.”  This brilliantly insightful comment was made by a man I work with on Saturdays.  He has a very hard time with speech, often saying words that don’t seem to make a lot of sense.  Every so often he comes out with a phrase or sentence that lets me know he is absolutely paying close attention to our conversations- musical and verbal- and he is doing his best to take part.  

It truly must feel that way for him sometimes- as if he’s got no doors and no one else has any keys-  as if it’s hard for anyone to get to know him, and he’s not sure people who try have the understanding to do so.  I know I’ve talked before with him about how frustrating it must be for him that he has such a terrible time saying what he wants to say.  I’ve also expressed my wish to learn more about him and my uncertainty as to how to go about doing so (especially when he usually stops me from playing music).  

“I got no doors...and you got no keys.”

So beautifully put.


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