Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh, THAT's why you're still standing!

It was gorgeous out today (in spite of my itching and sneezing and generalized whining)! TE was sitting outside with his group when I picked him up for his session. He was more than happy to flit along with me, because- well, because we go way back (we've been working together for almost twenty years now) and there was a really loud radio playing right near him. Noise is not his favorite thing (and, oy, can I relate!).

Anyway, we got to the Music Room, and he took off his baseball cap and put it carefully on my cart (which is where we usually put our outer gear when we arrive), but he didn't go and sit down (which is what he always does). 

I thought he might need a toilet, so we headed off the bathroom down the hall. I sent him on in, and I waited. And waited. There didn't seem to be anything happening, so I asked him to come out if he was finished. The door opened, and he appeared. We headed back to the Music Room. 

And TE was still flitting around the room, not sitting. Hm. 

"Maybe you don't want music therapy today? Perhaps a walk instead?" I was about to start heading for the door when it hit me. 

I bought TE a couple of big dog chew toys, because he likes, no, he needs to chew on things. When he doesn't have anything to chew on, he keeps a hand in his mouth or he chews on his shirt. 

Ergo, dog chew toys. 

Hey, they're big, they come in different textures, and he really seems to like them. And usually my neurons are firing, and I remember to leave them out for him when I set up the room before I go and pick him up from his cottage. It being Monday and such, I had forgotten. 

And evidently TE was kindly trying to remind me, "Um, something's missing here, lady."

I went to my desk, got them out, and brought them on over. As soon as I handed them over, he sat down.

"OK, Roia, now we can begin."

I love when I actually get it once in a while.

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